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Why Bariatric Surgery?

Weight gain is a major health challenge that can be dangerous if it becomes severe and uncontrolled. Obese people have to struggle with an increased weight resulting in physical, mental, and emotional problems. Even diet and exercise fail to reduce the weight once the weight becomes very high. The doctors advise their patients to take steps to control the weight by taking fewer calories in the food they eat. Weight loss programs are recommended to such people. Overweight people try to do exercises and increase their physical activities. When a person does not reduce the weight despite taking these steps, medical intervention becomes necessary. The most popular treatment for obesity is the bariatric surgery suggested by the doctors to obese people. The surgery is done when the body mass index or BMI value of a person becomes more than 40, which is a very serious problem. People who discuss their obesity with their doctor to find a solution may find surgery to be an effective treatment. India has some of the best hospitals for bariatric surgery to treat obesity.

The bariatric surgery changes the internal structure of the stomach as well as the gastrointestinal tract. This helps in decreasing the appetite of a person so that he or she feels less hungry. Thus, it helps in a limited consumption of food and the reduction in the number of calories consumed. Due to this, you are likely to eat less amount of food and it controls the weight.

A person can reduce sixty to eighty percent of the extra body weight with the bariatric surgery. The weight loss achieved by an obese person after undergoing the surgery has a long-lasting effect. Thus, you are able to maintain the reduced weight for a long time without any further significant increase in the weight.

Apart from reducing weight, the bariatric surgery also helps in fighting some major diseases that occur due to obesity. It includes diseases like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other health problems. It can help in fighting sleep apnea and hypercholesterolemia. Thus, you are able to avoid and control these diseases and reduce the intake of medicines for treating these diseases. The surgery can also aid in avoiding cancer risk to some extent.

The best bariatric surgeon in the hospitals in India helps you in leading a good life by doing the weight loss surgery to improve the quality of health and give a better mobility. The surgery plays an important role in fighting mental and emotional problems that result from obesity. It can improve your self-image. The surgery is able to improve the self-esteem of a person helping in enhancing the quality of life.

The bariatric surgery is done for weight loss and it plays an important role in increasing the life expectancy. A large number of people all over the world die every year due to the diseases related to obesity. The rate of deaths due to obesity-related health problems is very high. However, these deaths are preventable and reducing the body weight with bariatric surgery helps in avoiding the risk of death due to obesity and diseases occurring due to it. It reduces the mortality rates.