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Introduction to obesity

  • Obesity can be termed as the accumulation of fat above the limit in the human body. Due to obesity, the human body gets affected in an adverse way.
  • Persons whose body mass index (BMI) exceeds 35 are considered to be obese. Every year most global deaths occur due to overweight and morbid obesity.
  • More than 2 billion people die every year due to excess body weight. Obesity also causes many other ailments like high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Even heart disease arises due to obesity factor in one’s body. Obesity is a chronic ailment that arises due to the accumulation of fat above given benchmark in the human body.
  • This disorder also gives rise to other critical health disorders like hypertension, depression, obstructive sleep, a degenerative disorder of the joints and liver with excess cholesterol.

Know more about obesity and bariatric obesity surgery

  • The disease of obesity also gives rise to emotional disorders in a man like ignorance from the society and setbacks in career and love life. Persons suffering from morbid obesity suffer from high rates of mortality. Now the question arises how can we treat as well as cure obesity surgery.
  • Obesity surgery or bariatric surgery is a proven solution to reduce and cure excess body weight. The disease of obesity can be treated and cured both of the surgical and medical point of view.
  • However, in comparison to surgical cure medical methods give an only small reduction in body weight. Thus bariatric and obesity surgery has proved to be a guaranteed solution to treat and cure accumulation of fat in the human body.
  • However, even obesity surgeons’ advice patients to have a balanced diet and an ideal lifestyle to get best results from obesity surgery.

Important Things Regarding Bariatric Surgery

  • Bariatric obesity surgery is recommended for those patients who have a Body Mass Index above 35. Patients suffering from disorders like diabetes mellitus, cardiac disorders and hypertension are also recommended to undergo obesity surgery. Patients between age ranges of 18 to 65 years who got poor results even after doing exercise and dieting can undergo bariatric surgery safely.
  • After completion of surgery, these obesity patients are provided with modification programs in their behavior. They are provided tips to lead a healthy lifestyle. After successfully undergoing bariatric surgery the patient not only reduces extra body fat but also feels relieved from health disorders like high blood pressure, and heart diseases.
  • If women undergo obesity surgery then they can become pregnant after 2 years of their surgery. This surgery assures obesity patients with overall improvement in the quality of life up to 95% and reduction in mortality up to 89%.
  • Bariatric surgery can be performed on obese patients in a variety of ways. In other ways, we can say that this surgery has many types.
  • Take for example sleeve gastrectomy that reduced food intake among patients. This overall reduces body weight. Gastric bypass surgery, on the other hand, reduces absorption of digested food. Both these surgeries are done by making incisions in the patient’s body with the help of a laparoscope. After completion of these surgeries, patients can back home within a time period of 2-3 days after the surgical procedure.
  • Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is another well-known procedure for obesity surgery that is done by cutting the outer part of the stomach. This helps in reducing the size of the stomach by 80%. Finally, the food intake gets reduced that leads to weight loss

The Final Conclusion

Bariatric obesity surgery is the best-recommended solution for those patients who are suffering from excess body weight. This surgery has many kinds that are suggested according to the intensity of obesity disease in the patient’s body. We can help you if you are suffering from obesity. All you need is to contact us with your previous medical dialysis reports so that we can take your surgical follow-up.