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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a medical treatment for weight loss needing very less maintenance after the surgery and involving no long-term complications. The surgery is recommended for people with a very high obesity rate who have a body mass index or BMI value above 45. Such a high BMI causes difficulties in other weight surgeries, as it is risky to do the surgery. This Bariatric surgery is safe for the patients and it is very effective in achieving the desired weight loss. The surgery is done by the best bariatric surgeon in the hospital and it is included in the two-part treatment for weight loss.
One to five small sized cuts are made in the stomach for doing the surgery. The surgeon puts the laparoscopic instruments in the opening and performs the surgery. The technique of stapling is used for forming a tube-like structure inside the stomach. After this, removal of the stapled area is done by the surgeon. This gives a shape similar to a sleeve to the stomach and its size is reduced. The sleeve may look like a banana.

This surgery involves the removal of the stomach area that is a site of production of Ghrelin hormone. The hormone is responsible for causing a feeling of hunger and making the metabolism sluggish. It slows down the metabolism and impairs the fat burning capacity of our body. Removing the stomach area that produces this hormone helps in stopping its formation in the body. It leads to a reduction in the hunger. The patient does not do overeating, as there is a loss of appetite resulting from the absence of the Ghrelin hormone. Decreasing the stomach size helps in eating less food, and this aids in weight loss. The stomach size becomes eighty percent less than the original size. Also, decreasing the production of hunger causing hormones reduces the desire to eat food and avoids cravings for unhealthy food. In this way, the Gastric sleeve surgery helps the overweight people in controlling the weight and fight obesity.

The surgery has many benefits over the other weight loss surgeries. The surgeon does the surgery in a very less time so the surgery has a short duration of the operation. There is no need of rerouting the intestine thus it is a very convenient option. The surgery does not cause dumping syndrome. No type of adjustment is required in the surgery thus saving problems and hassles of adjusting the band after the surgery in the future. Thus, it helps in avoiding doctor visits and later treatment. The Lap-Band surgery for weight loss has a danger of leaving a foreign object in the form of a silicone band in the stomach. The Gastric sleeve surgery does not require using any foreign object and placing in the stomach.

The patient is given a special pre-surgery diet starting from 2 weeks before the date of the surgery. All types of foods are stopped at the midnight before the surgery day. After this, the surgery is done. The patient is asked to do movements immediately after the surgery in the first five hours to prevent the formation of blood clots. Some people have slight pain after the surgery while others don’t have so much pain. Pain medicines are given to control the pain. Some people need to be admitted to the hospital for one or two days while some patients are given permission to return home on the same day.

After the patient returns home from the hospital, he or she is advised to take plenty of fluids to avoid the problem of dehydration. Some people have constipation in the first seven days of returning home and this is due to the pain medicines. The patients should consult the surgeon if there is severe constipation. It is important to do physical activities and do exercises like walking. It is advised not to lift heavy objects as it can cause soreness in the stitches of the surgery. Some people report to experience fatigue and tiredness. Patients should avoid bathing in hot water for 3 weeks. A person can return to work in two to four weeks time. Full strength is gained after six weeks.

The top bariatric surgeon gives dietary advice for the surgery. Patients need to take a special diet after the surgery. Take nutritious foods like veggies and whole grains. Non-vegetarian people should take lean protein foods like lean meats. In the first seven days, increase the intake of liquids like water and broths. The diet includes decaf tea. In the second week, take protein shakes. Start taking soft foods in the form of a puree like soup and cottage cheese in the third week. Patients can eat scrambled eggs. Eat soft foods like cereals and mashed potatoes in the fourth week. Non-vegetarian people can eat fish and boiled chicken. In the fifth week, start taking the normal diet. Eat food in small quantity preferably three meals daily. Chew the food properly and take time to eat food.

Patients who undergo this surgery notice the results in the form of weight loss within 18 months time. A person loses weight very fast with this surgery. It helps in reducing most of the weight in the first 12 months. On the other hand, the Lap-Band surgery takes a slightly longer time of 3 years to achieve weight loss. A person loses weight slowly and there is a need to make lifestyle changes. The gastric sleeve surgery has an advantage over the Band surgery, as the weight loss is quick and takes a short time.