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Gastric Banding

Gastric banding is a surgical procedure that helps the overweight people in losing weight. This type of restrictive surgery is done to fix a band on the top of the stomach. It allows the entry of a limited amount of food in the stomach and this makes a person eat less food. By the process of banding, a pouch is formed in the stomach in which the food is collected. The stomach size is decreased and it makes a person feel full after eating food and this helps in weight loss. Adjustment can be made in the band for slow or fast passage of food in the stomach after the surgery is performed. The surgeon performs the surgery with laparoscopic tools. The band is made of silicone and it is adjustable.

The pouch made by fixing the band has a passage of one-inch size for the entry of food and it is squeezed and compressed by the band that restricts the food a person can eat. The capacity of the stomach to contain food becomes less and this causes a feeling of fullness after eating a certain amount of food.

The patient is given a general anesthesia prior to the procedure. Since the patient is in an unconscious state, there is no pain or discomfort during the surgery. The surgery is done by making tiny cuts in the stomach. After this, the surgeon places a small sized camera inside the camera through these cuts that help in viewing the internal area of the stomach clearly. Apart from this, some surgical instruments are inserted in the stomach for doing the gastric banding. The band is fixed in such a way that the top and bottom parts of the stomach become separate from each other. A pouch is formed due to this with a small opening. It opens into the bottom of the stomach. The internal area of the stomach is not cut or stapled due to this procedure. The hospitals in India have the best bariatric surgeon who performs the surgery in a less time and it takes about half an hour to one hour to do the surgery. Thus, it reduces the duration for which a patient has to be hospitalized. The recovery from the surgery is very fast and quick.

The weight loss surgery helps a patient in losing about thirty-five to forty-five percent of the weight. Thus, it is a very beneficial medical treatment for overweight people. The amount of weight loss with this surgery varies in different patients. The surgery is safe and causes minimum pain and discomfort as it is a minimally invasive procedure. There are very few complications and trauma to the patient in this surgery. Another benefit of this surgery is that there is a very less post-operative pain. Some people have minor problems like nausea and vomiting that can be corrected by adjusting the band.

The top bariatric surgeon in the hospitals adjusts the band easily as per the requirement of a patient. For doing a customized gastric banding, the band diameter is changed and adjusted according to the amount of weight a person wants to lose. This is beneficial for pregnant women who want to change the size of the band and make it loose to make some space in the stomach for the baby in the womb. It is also useful for people who want to reduce the band size when they notice that they have failed to lose weight. It is possible to reverse the surgery if a patient feels it is required. If the reversal is done in the future, the size of the stomach becomes the same as the original size. The surgery is very popular among obese people as it is an easy and convenient way to control the weight. There is very less mortality risk and the procedure is safe to undergo.