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At present, Dr. Arun Prasad is working as a Senior Consultant Surgeon Gastrointestinal Sciences in Manipal Hospital Delhi.

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At present, Dr. Arun Prasad is working as a Senior Surgeon in Delhi at the Manipal Hospital. This is India’s first USA – JCI accredited hospital. Dr. Arun is giving his services in this hospital since 1996.

Frequently Asked Questions

People who have a very high body mass index or BMI value are eligible for the surgery. You should have a BMI above 35 or 40 for this surgery. People who have co-morbidity can also undergo the surgery. These are severe health problems due to obesity like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, and other diseases. If you are obese and have these problems, you can benefit from the bariatric surgery.
Most bariatric surgeries take 1-2 hours to finish. The patient is admitted to the hospital for 1-2 days.
There is a slight pain after the surgery. The laparoscopic surgery is minimally invasive and causes minimum pain. Medicines are given to control the pain. You may need to take the medicines for some days post surgery. The pain is minor that can be easily controlled.
It takes about 1-2 weeks time for a person who undergoes the bariatric surgery to return to work. There can be some weakness and low energy levels and you may not be able to work for the full day. Thus, you might need a half day leave in the first seven days of joining the office. Another option is to go to the office on alternate days. Consult your surgeon about this. Some jobs need full attention and it might not be safe to have low energy while you work. If your work involves strenuous physical activities or lifting heavy objects, it might cause a problem at the site of the incisions leading to a hernia. Thus, be careful in the workplace and avoid these things.

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